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Monday, 9 April 2012

One Day Seminar Live Event Coimbra portugal

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                            One Day Seminar Live Event Coimbra Portugal

 one Day Seminar Live To Change Lives

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"How i Ambushed Google™ and Stuffed $23,563.86 In The Bank In Only One Day..."

One Day Seminar Live Event Coimbra Portugal - the date 25th may 2012- presented at  By Evangelos Taxiarchis }live  on-line business Training starting new on line venture to create on line assets to e chive financial freedom.
                                                     One Day Seminar Live Event Coimbra Portugal                                                                                    You've GOT TO check this out (VIDEO) hit the play now.
One of the problems with being self employed and works from home or online is the complete absence of anyone with sufficient skill, knowledge and experience with whom to discuss our dreams & plans. Someone to brainstorm with...  Someone with the ability to question and challenge us... Someone with the depth of experience to guide us to make the best possible decisions.  As Internet Marketers we need someone who really understands what it's like to earn a full time income from our online endeavours. We need someone who has been there, done that and has the scars to prove it! It's not easy working from home. There's the constant temptation to allow ourselves to be distracted. There's sometimes the interruptions from friends and family who seem to think we can drop everything at a moments notice to attend to their "urgent" needs. Then there's the "Round Tuit" syndrome - AKA "Procrastination" - when we put things off with the promise that we'll get around to it when.... If you've experienced any of the above, I can empathize with you. I've been through it all. AND... I've lived to tell the tale! What you need first of all is to talk through your plans for 2012 with someone who knows this business inside out. Someone who can challenge your thinking and help steer you and your business strategy in the right direction. Then you need to be accountable. You need someone to keep you on track, to review your progress and to assist you in setting new targets. Well, I'm your  trainer ,I'm your teacher I'm your  business adviser,
You'll get help to put together a solid business strategy for the coming new year. You'll be in a great position to kick off 2012 with a bang. Because you'll have clear objectives and an action plan with precise targets. You'll have someone to regularly review your progress, to hold you accountable and - if needed - to kick your butt! How does it work? Great question! We'll agree a date and time for your initial one hour strategy discussion (via Skype) with the purpose of analysing your current business in detail and developing your business strategy. We'll also put together a "Month One Action Plan" with very specific targets and timescales for completion. Your action plan will include a review date when we'll get together and review your progress, discuss any specific issues and agree your your Action Plan for the coming month. Of course you won't be left alone between these Skype calls. You also have access to me through email or text chat when you have any questions or if you need any additional guidance. So, How Much Do I Need To Invest? This is an investment in You and Your Business. It will give you an extra dimension to your 2012 business strategy and being accountable for your actions will dramatically increase your productivity. You can get all of this for a single payment of  followed by 11 monthly payments of only $5. Clearly, my time is limited so I'm only offering this premium service to a maximum of 300 people. This will be managed on a first come first served basis so do not delay... this will not be something that you can set aside and get around to it!

Wait! - Do NOT Miss This... 

Generate serious income quickly and easily
i will siltstone the goggle  to  help you Build a $100 K a Month RECURRING Income .    
live event 
(May 25 th- is sunday  start 10 Am finish 1 .pm)
cost just €100 best investment you will ever make .  
Ever since the huge success of my last seminar at learia  which sold out after just 1 week, I have been receiving hundreds of messages from  my blog  asking me when I am going to reveal my next simple money making method. The wait is now over, my next secret  bee revealed at One Day Seminar Live Event Coimbra portugal! Anyone will be attending  to do this live event will be first get  complete success. It is near impossible not to make money doing this !  I will show you exactly what I did, step by step so you can repeat it for yourself. You will learn how to target a specific group which will make you a tonne of money from your first day! All that is required is 20 minutes each day and you can be making up to $500+/day.  The method is completely scalable so you can increase your income with a bit more work. It can be easily outsourced from day 1 if you do not have the time or are unable to do it yourself. No wasting time getting ranked on google! No writing hundreds of articles or blogs! Works for everyone! Can be completely outsourced! No dodgy methods! Step by step guide so it is impossible to fail! This seminar  will be shoving you  the easiest and quickest way you have ever seen to make money on-line with  money  offers! FROM: Evangelos Taxiarchis RE: Coaching Dear new or/ savvy marketer, Why is it that some marketers seem to have all the luck? It's like some people can trip in sh*t and turn it into gold... While others seem to have a curse of turning gold into lead. Well, it's not luck... I see it all the time, the biggest difference between the haves and the have not's is one simple thing... they all had a coach... myself included. When I started in the video game industry in the early 90's I had a coach that showed me the ropes... When I worked on my first startup in 1999 I had a coach on how to talk to investors... When I started in Internet Marketing almost 8 years ago I had TWO coaches... Guess what, I was very successful in all of my ventures... BECAUSE I HAD A COACH. And, I see it in my students as well. Some of my students are millionaires... while many others or still stuck at square one. Can you guess which students had coaches? Yeah, I thought so. "The Best Of The Best..." Look at any sports figures that are the best... they all have coaches. Heck, even when you have a regular job, you have a trainer. Shoot, when I was in the video game industry they didn't just give me an ebook and say "Have at it"... They took me step by step by the hand until everything clicked. THAT'S what is missing for most marketers. They try to do it without any real guidance, so they never get any real results. "They think I lost my marbles..." Listen, this is going to be pretty short. Because I'm about to make you the biggest no brainer offer I have ever made. This is totally nuts, but as you'll soon discover you will have no more excuses for not making money... Not only that, you'll be floored by how low the cost is. So low in fact, you'll think it's a typo. Speaking of that, some people have paid me $10,000 just to spend a day with me. But you'll be getting trained personally by me for a day at this event! Look, I know the reason most people never get a coach is because of the price. I know not everyone can afford my normal 10k a day fee. That's why I'm making this crazy offer. Because I want you to have an unfair advantage by getting coaching. That way you increase your chances of success by nearly 96 % ! " you will discover my  200 Million Dollar business Secrets..." Listen, these are not the kind of secrets you tell just anyone. This is normally reserved for people that have some extra money to spend.and vants more money Yes, it's might not be fair, but it's true. Well, all that's about to change... Because I think it's time for a select few who TRULY need this to finally catch a break. Over the last decade I've made over $10,000,000.00 online. Plus, I've made a lot of money in crazy niche markets... NOT just the "How to make money" market. This is your chance to discover these secrets normally reserved for my high end clients... This is your chance to have me as your coach--  I'll be sitting right there with you, walking you through everything step by step. Plus, when you have a question, I can show you the solution LIVE! That's a whole lot better than trying to figure out instructions from an ebook. "Here's some of what you'll discover..."@ THE EVENT>> One Day Seminar Live Event Coimbra portugal Besides having me just personally coach you, you'll also discover the core steps to success that I use in every one of my businesses to scale to seven figures. Such as... ** Picking a niche full of eager people spending money... ** Finding the right keywords chock full of buyers... ** Monetizing the niche up, down, sideways, and diagonally to extract the most CASH... ** How to pick the best converting affiliate  offers... ** All the "Insider" tricks and hacks to becoming a super affiliate and dominating the niche... ** How to make a lot more money with a lot less effort.. ** How to build your content, and how to do it so you don't do any of the work yourself... ** How to make big money with any sites... ** The secrets to building a PASSIVE, hands free monthly income that pays you on auto pilot... ** How to build a list that pays you big time every time you press send... ** Pricing strategies for maximum profits ** How to build the perfect funnel complete with upsells and one time offers... ** How to get partners to promote your offers for massive pay days... ** Creating the landing pages for maximum conversions... "PLUS- we'll be debunking the myths about traffic..." to get lots of it, how to optimize, and what's really working today. This is all brand new. You'll discover things like... ** Super easy SEO tricks to getting consistent, hands free traffic and page one rankings... ** How to effectively use media buys for maximum profits without losing your shirt... ** How to leverage mobile for dirt cheap and free clicks for even more targeted traffic... ** How to use social media to easily build relationships with repeat, hungry buyers... And a whole lot more! PLUS, like I said before, it's having me right there with you, guiding you every step of the way. You'll have questions, and I'll show you the answers LIVE. And just so you know, this is me coaching you live, not my project managers. Even though they are the best at what they do, I wanted to personally train you myself. "Which person are you?" So what kind of person are you? I'll tell you what I see the most when it comes to people trying to make it online... First, there's the person with ambition, but they can't seem to get anything off the ground. They know way more than they give themselves credit for. Problem is they get distracted easily. They chase every new shiny object they see and never finish what they started. It's not their fault. It's just that they don't have a coach to help keep them focused. Second, there's the person that is having success online. But the problem is they hit a plateau and their business becomes stagnant. Believe it or not this also many times is a distraction problem. It happens to everyone, even me. That's why I've always had people around to help keep me focused. In a nutshell, no matter where you are in life, we all need a coach. "I've got your back..." I'm putting my life on hold to be with you for a day ... after the seminar so the valu you get of my time  to build your business for real...  to have ask questions and have solutions shown to you live...  to uncover secrets normally reserved for my high end clients... Thing is, you need to be dead serious about changing your life, fair enough? But wait, there's still more... "You also get the same training others paid before $12.997.00 to access..." Listen, I know some of you really want to get on the fast track and get started . So I'm going to give you one of my most valuable courses and one of my softwear program as my free gift to you when you sign up today. This is not some hyped up inflated number. People really did pay $12.997.00 to get this very exclusive training. And very few people have ever seen it to this very day. It is the backbone of my business, everything you'll discover while I'm coaching you. That's why this is perfect for you, if you want to see results as quickly as possible! "The bottom line... i see  profits" I said I would keep this short... Because if you don't understand the value of having a coach you wouldn't be here now. This is the real deal and it's only for people that really "Get it" and are truly ready for success. Remember, it doesn't matter if you've never made a dime or if you've seen some success already... ...Because we all need a coach. So, you're going to get personal coaching from me PERSONALLY. Normally that alone would easily cost you $4997.00. Like I said, I currently charge $10,000.00 for just a days worth of my time so that is a very real number. You also get the fast track course that sold for $2997.00... The total REAL value you're getting here is $. 10,000.00No hype. Like I said in the beginning, you're about to be SHOCKED by the price of this offer... Because you won't be paying $ 10,000.00 And no, you can't even STEAL this for $100.. The final cost to be personally coached by me for a one day is only $100! That's it! (You read that correctly, it's not a typo) Only a dummy would pass this up.                                    just say YES, Evangelos I want you to personally coach me to success!                                                              GET YOUR SEAT NOW
 Heer is my ex-students says about me
I know some of you were asking him questions about the product but seriously just buy it. It really does work! Have you ever heard the term-keep it simple stupid? Well this is it because it was so easy. The possibilities are endless with heeis ideas and his software  now how. I used online and offline marketing with his  ideas  and it worked wonders. Thats all I'm going to say-no specifics because I don't want people to have the knowledge for free. Thanks so much EVANGELOS  godsent ! what you teach  truly worked at the best time for me- first weak 4000 dolar, in my account thankyou 4000 times a weak EVANGELOS your best Teacher everrrr.
 pree seminar tips for subscribers  please   practise this tips
Here are a few network marketing tips that will help you to be a more successful network marketer…
  • Network Marketing Tips #1: You have to make the decision that you will make you network marketing business a success. This is the most important tip that I can give you. Most people who get into network marketing treat it as more of a hobby than a true brick and mortar business and this is why most people fail at network marketing. If you forget the rest of the network marketing tips that I am going to give you here please remember this one. Treat your network marketing business as a business and it will pay you like a business.
  • Network Marketing Tips #2: You must set a strict schedule for your business and then stick to it. In order for your business to be successful you must devote at least 12 to 15 hours a week to focused work.
  • Set a schedule and stick to it.
  • Know exactly what you are going to do with the time you have allotted to your business before you start working then use that time as you have scheduled it. If you do this your business will run much more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Network Marketing Tips #3:
  • Never ever stop learning. I know if you’re anything like me your time is a very valuable commodity. I really don’t have much time to spare. Guess how I solved this problem for myself? I listen to quite a few network marketing books on tape. Why not multi-task I thought..
  • I figure if I’m driving or typing there’s no reason why I can't learn new things at the same time.
  • Try to learn as much as you can whenever and however you can. Make compromises in your life so that you are able to learn new ideas, techniques, and vocabulary. Multi task whenever you can.
  • Network Marketing Tips #4: Set a budget and stick to it. You can’t expect your business to survive if you skimp on the quality of your marketing and training, so set up a monthly budget. Allot a certain amount of your resources a month to the growth of your business. For example I allot about $600 a month for the growth of my network marketing business.It’s not easy giving up that much of my money, but in all honesty it’s worth while in the long term. Think about it... When you're making $10,000 dollars a month residually are you really going to wish you had spent less on the development of your business? Set a budget and stick to it, and reinvest your early earnings back into the growth of your business.
  • Network Marketing Tips #5:
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Do not get down on yourself if things don't go your way in the beginning,
just keep jugging along... I promise you things are not going to go the way you espect them in the beginning. You have to be able to view your setbacks as a positive stepping stone for your future success. Learn all you can from your experiences and use them to guide your future successes.
These are my basic network marketing tips.
Don't overlook them!
If you pay attention and use the advice found here you'll soon find your network marketing career skyrocketing.
Generate serious income quickly and easily
i will siltstone the goggle  to  help you Build a $100 K a Month RECURRING Income .    
live event 
(May 25 th- is sunday  start 10 Am finish 1 .pm)
cost just €100 best investment you will ever make .  
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Thursday, 22 March 2012

One Day Seminar Live Event Leria portugal

Wait! - Do NOT Miss This... 


Se você é aspirante a iniciar um pequeno negócio, uma dasprimeiras coisas que vêm à sua mente é o negócio para fazer, quanto investimento será necessário e quais seriam ascompetências que devem ser aprendidas. Nestes dias incertos de demissões e de pânico, é bom ter um plano de backup na vida, para que se possa permanecer inalterado.Tomando os dois primeiros pontos em consideração, eu tenho todos juntos uma coleção de idéias de pequenas empresas, algumas das quais pode ser iniciado a partir de casa e maisexigindo baixo investimento. Esta lista também garante que não é preciso ter um grau de educação formal ou para começar, a maioria destas habilidades podem ser aprendidasrapidamente. Assim, todos podem usar sua capacidade etalento para iniciar um, sem se preocupar com ter que gastarum par de anos de sua vida na faculdade e passar a próxima década pagar os empréstimos de educação. 

Generate serious income quickly and easily
i will siltstone the goggle  to  help you Build a $100K a Month RECURRING Income .    
live event 
(April 6  start 2 pm finish

"How i Ambushed Google™ and Stuffed $23,563.86 In The Bank In Only One Day..."

 welcome to my ONE DAY SEMINAR POST  I am Evangelos Taxiarchis

a certified Guerrilla Marketer and direct-response copywriter who specializes in promoting fiscal and and virtual  affiliate products and other training . I work with  business owners speakers, trainers, consultants, coaches, authors, information marketers and other experts who want to  
work and generate more revenue from their  homes 
Since we're going to be meeting in person, I want to help get the ball rolling for you! (I wont let you be left behind!) I typically charge $1000.00 an hour for my coaching time. 

I mean literally anybody.
I'm not kidding here, or just hyping you up. It's completely true.
You don't need some fancy degree, you don't need to know how to program, and you certainly don't need to be a computer expert...

Put it this way:
If you found this page, you're smart enough to earn a profit online.

It's that simple.
Heck, let me put it another way... if you can check your email, you can make money online.
Insane amounts of money. More than you could possibly spend.
Seriously, once you get down to it, making money from the internet is no harder than microwaving your dinner or making a sandwich.
And you can do those things right?

Well, congratulations. You've got what it takes to make money online.
And yeah, I know it's tough to take that in right now - you think I'm either kidding around or just outright lying don't you?
Well, I'm not doing either, and if you just keep reading, you'll see exactly how simple it is.

You see, I understand exactly where you're coming from.
Because I've been there. I've sat where you are now, and I've been sucked in by all the crazy opportunities you see out there... probably the same ones that sucked you in too.
I've lived through the crappy jobs and hated my boss... man, sitting in traffic each and every morning to make it on time to a job that I couldn't stand. It's so stressful isn't it?

If you've struggled to get by in life, always needing just a little more cash, or maybe you're just sick and tired of wasting day after day in a soulless job...
... then you need to read every single word on this page very carefully - you're about to see exactly what this devastating business system will do for you.
Sure, I know you're tired of all the BS claims you see with most of the online businesses out there... that's why I decided to not waste your time, and give you undeniable proof of this if your wiling to claim  your seat  right here:

I'm Going To Help  all 100, attendees  To Create Internet Cash Machine That NEVER Stops Spitting Out Cash For 100 LUCKY PEOPLE .

"   IN THIS UNIQ ONE OFF EVENT,You're About To Discover My Most Closely Guarded, ULTIMATE CASH- GETTING SYSTEMS That Effortlessly  Generates 7 Figures Online for me and my ex-students ..."

       Completely Hands Free Passive Commissions!


ATENÇÃO: Você está lutando para ganhar dinheiro na internet? Nós trazemos-lhe o método mais fácil e sistema.
Caro leitor, chamo-me Evangelos e o meu negócio é à prova de recessão económica e eu faço parte de duas das MAIORES EMPRESAS DO PLANETA. Apenas com uma destas empresas ganho um TOTAL  ANUAL que excede 

Você está prestes a descobrir o mais simples, geração de tráfego mais eficaz, levar recebendo o dinheiro de tomada de sistema que pode levá-lo de onde você está agora para:
Tornando-se uma autoridade bem conhecida e alcançar o status de celebridade em seu mercado
Gerando 20-100 leva a cada dia como um relógio, a partir de tão pouco quanto 4 horas
Atrair novos clientes e parceiros de negócios sem ter que fazer qualquer convencer ou vender
Criação de múltiplos fluxos de renda on-line que continuam a trazer-lhe dinheiro por meses e anos vindouros

seminar wil cover fallowing and more i  be avalebel after the show so you  can ask any ? you may have

"The Most Powerful Instant Commission Creation Method Known To Man"  

Seminar Programa

  Search Engine Marketing 
   Blog Marketing
  Mobile Marketing 
   Email Marketing 
   Social Media Marketing 
  Business & E-Commerce 
 internet comercialização à partir de casa,          

   internet negócio on-line, from coffee shop

 Turn-key negócio online, 

How to get instant floods of income immediately...
How to create your own fat paydays on demand
How to generate tens of thousands of dollars from simple techniques...

  Páginas, Grupos e Perfis
 Gestão de Páginas
  Criação de anúncios
  Gestão de públicos-alvo
  Criação de botões de promoção


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  Introdução (Origem, Dimensão, 

 Tipologia, Filosofia)
 Estrutura (Home, Canal, Uploads, Favoritos)
 Interacção (Respostas Texto, Respostas Vídeo, Comentários, Avaliações)
 Conteúdos (Listas de Reprodução, Incorporação)
  Publicidade pagado /livre

A Rede
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 Trends (HashTags)
Publicidade viral

 Gestão centralizada de Contedos      
I ntegração entre redes sociais

Métricas a Observar
 Técnicas de Análise
 Exemplos de Ferramentas
 Amazon Associates Program
 Content Writing
 Google AdSense
 How to make bucks fast
 How to start an online business?
 Paid Surveys & data entry scams
 Step by Step method to make money on the internet without investment
 What to do if you are desperately in need of money?
 How To Get Fre YouTube MONEY
O sminario  é expositivo e demonstrativo, mas sempre com um enfoque prático. O formador irá demonstrar em tempo real a maioria das operações mencionadas durante o seminar . Não é necessário para a realização do Workshop que os formandos possuam acesso a computador, mas dada a natureza do curso, caso o formando leve computador portátil partilharemos os dados de acesso à internet wireless do local de formação. Dessa forma caso assim o deseje, poderá ir emulando alguma das acções realizadas pelo formador
Eu estou indo ajudar você a criar a sua máquina de dinheiro do Internet que nunca pára Cuspindo dinheiro para você.
"Você está prestes a descobrir minhas mais bem guardado, ULTIMATE CAIXA-SISTEMAS COMO CHEGARque sem esforço Gera 7 Figuras on-line para mim e os meus ex-alunos ..."

Você vê, você tem que conseguir algo perfurado em sua cabeça ...

Você não quer dinheiro inconsistente ... você quer uma máquina de dinheiro PERPÉTUO você pode depender, que cospe dinheiro para você e outra vez - com absoluta certeza. Em outras palavras - você quer um negócio real econfiável!

Nunca acredite em alguém dizendo que você pode construir um "negócio" on-line em uma semana e fazerdezenas de milhares de dólares. Isso é um monte de lixo.
Você pode fazer esse tipo de dinheiro em dias (e se vocêficar comigo por muito tempo, você quase certamente) -mas você não vai ter um negócio. Inesperadas de caixasão grandes, mas a fortuna real está em lucros a longo prazo, consistentes e escalada.

Dito isso, você também não tem que bater a cabeçadurante anos para fazer a merreca de $ 100 ou $ 200 por mês. Isso é loucura ...
Aqui está o que eu sei sobre você - você quer fazer dinheiro online, ou você não estaria ainda estar lendo esta carta ... e você quer começar a ver resultados rapidamente.

Além disso, você quer chegar lá sem moer-se a , certo?Claro que isso é certo! Isso é o que todo mundo que estáapenas começando quer. É também o que todo mundo queestá lutando quer.
Qualquer que seja a categoria que você está, se preparar para o seu pessoal e os resultados do negócio para explodir a cabeça. Isto é tão excitante, que certamente irámantê-lo acordado durante a noite.
Confie em mim - não há nada como este de hoje on-line eque vai ajudá-lo a "virar a esquina" e produzir excelentes resultados na internet rápida ...
Esta adesão incrível permitirá que você comece com um estrondo, em seguida, manter os lucros fluindo e crescendo ... mês após mês após mês.
E no caso você acha que isso vai ser difícil, deixe-me dizerantecipadamente que ... 
·         (ENTRE MUITO MAIS)
Este seminário são para apenas 100 pessoaso custo deste opurtunidade são só 100 euros, mas que com o acesso do meu software, vão poupar 40,000 dolares. Eu construi estes softwares para ajudar pessoas sem experiências e sem noções técnicos de negócios na Net.
( DIA April 6 os seminaries começam ás 14 h e acabam as 18h)
(como podem ver isso , é mesmo uma opurtunidade excelente e único, como leram anteriormente so pode aceitar acerca de 100 pessoas, que mesmo precisam de ajuda com os vossos 

empresas. ISTO NÃO é para desperdiçadores de tempo)
Para que se desejerá registar, faça o favor de me contactar e com isso posso arranjar o seu bilhete por o evento seminário.  Têm de ter a certeza que pretendem atuar neste evento, por causa d limite de 100 pessoas. É meso para ajudar empresas que tenham problemas, caso querem saber mais de mim, faça o favor de me procurar no Google search com o nome de EVANGELOS TAXIARCHIS. 

You see, you have got to get something drilled into your head...

You don't want inconsistent want a PERPETUAL CASH MACHINE you can depend on, one that spits out cash for you over and over again - with absolute certainty. In other words - you want a real, dependable business!

Never believe anyone telling you that you can build an online "business" in a week and make tens of thousands of dollars. That's a load of junk.

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Hey Evangelos, I just wanted to say thanks for another amazing video course. I'm usually very sceptical when it comes to new ideas about affiliate marketing, mostly because I am a super affiliate myself and I can see through all the BS and scams online. But you have some really amazing content hidden inside your new zero cost Code course!  You have some massively profitable "Gems" hidden in here!
I really love the "Killer Traffic System" video, as well as the videos in the Tracking module. I thought I knew it all about affiliate marketing until I watched your new video course!
I will be recommending your new product to my entire online marketing empire!
Dave Guindon
B.Eng., M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

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Hey Evangelos I just wanted to shoot you a quick mail to say that you totally rock dude!You came in right at the last minute towards the end of my launch of Zero Friction Marketing and after sending just one email you totally blew everyone else apart and topped the JV leaderboard.
Over 500 sales with just 2 emails and a conversion rate of 13.46%! Man how the heck do you do it.
To anyone reading here I just wanna say this guy is a Super Affiliate Master and if there is anyone in the industry I would go to learn Underground affiliate domination from it would be him.
I recommend anything from Evangelos Taxiarchis 100% You can become very rich from listening to him I know I have.
Saj P

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empresas. ISTO NÃO é para desperdiçadores de tempo)
Para que se desejerá registar, faça o favor de me contactar e com isso posso arranjar o seu bilhete por o evento seminário.  Têm de ter a certeza que pretendem atuar neste evento, por causa d limite de 100 pessoas. É meso para ajudar empresas que tenham problemas, caso querem saber mais de mim, faça o favor de me procurar no Google search com o nome de EVANGELOS TAXIARCHIS.